Biomolecular and Biomedical Engineering

Biomolecular and biomedical engineering involve application of the knowledge and principles of chemical engineering, molecular biology, medicine, and physical chemistry to translate our fundamental understanding into materials and tools for biological processes and healthcare. Typical examples include development of therapeutic agents and materials, biosensors and point-of care devices, nanomaterials for controlled delivery of drugs, understanding of biochemical signalling networks in cells, development of artificial tissues, deployment of computational tools and techniques including artificial intelligence for drug discovery, development of biomedical devices and equipment etc. The research interests of the department in this thrust area are given below.

Current Expertise:
  • Development and scaleup of bioprocesses
  • Development of nanomaterials, polymers and thin films
  • Colloid and interface science
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques

Future Focus:

  • Computational techniques and tools used for drug discovery, and in other biomedical/healthcare applications
  • Biomedical devices, point-of-care devices and AI based advanced health monitors
  • Bio/nano materials for delivery of drugs, antigens, and other therapeutic agents
  • Biotechnology for food, agriculture, and energy applications

Research Group:

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