Dr. Anil Vir

Assistant Professor
Office Room No : 213, Academic Building 2
Tell (O) : +91
Email Id : anilvir@iittp.ac.in
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  • B.Tech. (Chemical Engineering): Sir Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology (SVIT) Chincholi, Nashik. (2005 – 2009)
  • M.Tech. (Chemical Engineering): Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Lonere, District-Raigad, Maharashtra, India (2009 – 2011)
  • Ph.D. (Chemical Engineering): Indian Institute of Technology Madras (2012 – 2017)

Professional Experience:

  • Post-Doctoral Fellow:  Laboratory for Chemical Technology, Ghent University, Belgium (Sept. 2017 – March 2019)
  • Research Fellow: Monash University, Australia (Aug 2019-July 2020)
  • Assistant Professor: Indian Institute of Technology Tirupati (Oct 2020 onwards)


  • Institute Research Award (Awarded for outstanding research contributions for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras in 2017)
  • Recipient of Gold Medal for the best academic performance in M. Tech. (Chemical) degree, at Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University Lonere, Raigad, India in 2011, India.
Principal Investigator:
  • Project Title: Aqueous Biphasic Systems (ABSs) in Microfluidics Devices and Other Contactors for Separation and Purification of Selected Biomolecules. [Co-PI: Prof. KSMS Raghavarao].   Funding Agency: New Faculty Start-up Grant (NFSG) by Indian Institute of Technology Tirupati.
Co-Principal Investigator:
  • Project Title: To Develop Alternate Refrigerants to HCFCs As Low Global Warming Potential Chemicals To Protect Ozone Layer. [PI: Dr. T. Sunil Kumar]. Funding Agency: Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, MOEFCC, Government of India.
  • Project Title: DST's Nodal Center at IISER Tirupati (Tirupati-Chennai-Bengaluru Cluster) for the development and production of key starting materials, intermediates, and other raw materials that are required by the Health Care Sector. [PI: Dr. Venkaiah Chintalapudi]. Funding Agency: Department of Science and Technology.
Major Areas of Interest: 
  • Microfluidics

  • Multiphase flow and Reaction  

Other Areas of Interest:     
  • Microreactor    

  • Phase transfer catalysis    

  • Polymerization    

  • Biorefinery      

  • Food processing and food safety    

  • Downstream Processing    

  • Aqueous two-phase extraction    

  • Mathematical modelling

  • Debjani Ghosh, Anil B. Vir, Gil Garnier, Antonio F. Patti, Joanne Tanner, Continuous flow production of xylooligosaccharides by enzymatic hydrolysis, Chemical Engineering Science, Volume 244, 2021, 116789.
  • Anil B. Vir, Y. W. Marien, P. H. M. Van Steenberge, C. Barner-Kowollik, M.F. Reyniers, G. B. Marin and D. R. D'hooge, "From n-Butyl Acrylate Arrhenius Parameters for Backbiting and Tertiary Propagation to ß-scission via Stepwise Pulsed Laser Polymerization", Polymer Chemistry, Issue:30, Volume: 10, Pages: 4116-4125, DOI: 10.1039/C9PY00623K.
  • Anil B. Vir, S. Pushpavanam, "Experimental validation of equilibrium based mathematical modelling of liquid-liquid phase transfer catalysis", The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, Volume: 96, Issue-3, Pages: 731-738, March DOI: 10.1002/cjce.22953.
  • Anil B. Vir, S. Pushpavanam, "Phase transfer catalysis in a micro channel: Paradoxical effect of transition from kinetic control to mass transfer control", Chemical Engineering Journal, Volume: 317, Pages: 1047-1058, 2017. DOI: 1016/j.cej.2017.02.131.
  • Anil B. Vir, A.S. Fabiyan , J. R. Picardo, S. Pushpavanam, "Performance Comparison of Liquid-Liquid Extraction in Parallel Microflows",  Eng. Chem. Res. Volume : 53, Issue :19, Pages: 8171-8181, 2014, DOI: 10.1021/ie4041803.
PhD Students:

  • Joseph Abhisheka Rao Boravelli

  • Bakthar Khan Babajan (with Dr. T. Sunil Kumar)

  • Neha Naijo Areekal (with Prof. KSMS Raghavarao)

  • Penima Marak (with Prof. KSMS Raghavarao)

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