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Investigating Enzymatic reactions in Crowded Physiological spaces AND Structural changes in SARS-Cov-2 S protein in response to Drug   

   Professor Swaminathan (IITG)   

  Dr. Anki Reddy Katha  

  National Supercomputing Mission (Govt.of India)  

  IIT Guwahati  


A mathematical model for the dynamics of wiggling objects in a granular medium

   Dr. Anki Reddy Katha


  DST (MATRICS scheme)

 IIT Tirupati


Granular chains, translating or rotating or oscillating objects in a granular medium

   Dr. Anki Reddy Katha



  IIT Tirupati

Few research results

  • Vamsi Krishna, Sonu Kumar, K. Anki Reddy, Granular particle-shape heterogeneous mixtures discharging through a silo, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 2021, vol.912, A22.


Context and description:  Process industries often involve handling non-cohesive solid materials which vary in size and shape. A comprehensive understanding of such systems helps in effective handling of industrial operations.  In this context, we studied heterogeneous mixtures of dumbbells and discs flowing out of a two-dimensional silo via discrete element method simulations. We analysed discharge dynamics of the mixtures in two regimes, namely the free-flow regime (W/d >= 15) and the interrupted flow regime (W/d <= 10), where W and d are the orifice width and diameter of each of the circles of a dumbbell. One of the intriguing results is a decrease in the flow rate Q of mixtures with an increase in the fraction of dumbbells Xdb in both of the regimes analysed. This can be attributed to the geometrical interlocking among the particles and a hindrance to the rotation of dumbbells. The time-averaged (coarse-grained) flow fields reveal an increase in the size of the stagnant zone beside the orifice with an increase in Xdb. The stagnant zone hinders the particles flowing next to it, which is another reason for a decrease in Q with an increase in Xdb. In the interrupted flow regime, we investigated clogged states of the mixtures using arch morphology, the fraction of dumbbells and number of particles in an arch, and avalanche sizes.


  • Shivam Tiwari, Vasista Adupa, Dhanesh Das, K. Anki Reddy, T. V. Bharat, Structural and dynamic insights into SARS-CoV-2 spike protein – Montmorillonite interactions, Langmuir, 2022, 38, 9186-9194.


Context and description: The spike (S) protein of SARS-CoV-2 has been found to play a decisive role in the cell entry mechanism of the virus and has been the prime target of most vaccine development efforts. Although numerous vaccines are already in use and more than half of the world population has been fully vaccinated, the emergence of new variants of the virus poses a challenge to the existing vaccines. Hence, developing an effective drug therapy is a crucial step in ending the pandemic. Nanoparticles can play a crucial role as a drug or a drug carrier and help tackle the pandemic effectively. Here, we performed explicit all-atom molecular dynamics simulations to probe interactions between S protein

and Montmorillonite (MMT) nano clay surface. We considered two systems with different counterions (Na+ and Ca2+), namely Na-MMT and Ca-MMT, to investigate the effect of different ions on S protein-MMT interaction. Structural modification of S protein was observed in the presence of MMT surface, particularly the loss of helical content of S protein. We revealed that electrostatic and hydrophobic interactions synergistically govern the S protein-MMT interactions. However, hydrophobic interactions were more pronounced in the Na-MMT system than in Ca-MMT. We also revealed residues and glycans of S protein closely interacting with the MMT surface. Interestingly, N165 and N343, which we found to be closely interacting with MMT in our simulations, also have a critical role in cell entry and in thwarting the cell’s immune response in recent studies. Overall, our work provides atomistic insights into S protein-MMT interaction and enriches our understanding of the nanoparticle-S protein interaction mechanism, which will help develop advanced therapeutic techniques in the future.


  • Rajasekhar, A. Gogoi, K. Anki Reddy, Cationic stabilised layered graphene oxide (GO) membrane for shale gas wastewater treatment: An atomistic insight, 2023, Desalination, 559, 116621.

Context and description:   In recent years graphene oxide (GO) membranes have emerged as one of the most promising candidates for wastewater treatment. However, one major issue with layered GO membranes is their tendency to swell in an aqueous environment. Cation intercalation inside the interlayer gallery of layered GO membrane is one of the promising solutions to mitigate this problem. However, the effect of cationic concentration inside membrane channels on the mechanism of water permeance and salt rejection is yet to be investigated in detail. This study investigates shale gas wastewater (NaCl, CaCl2, and crude oil) treatment via nonequilibrium molecular dynamics (MD) simulations with cation (K+, Mg2+) intercalated GO membranes. The effect of cationic concentration on water permeance and salt rejection has been presented in detail. This study reveals that the presence of a higher concentration of cations inside the GO membrane induces higher water resistance in the membrane. In addition to the concentration of intercalated ions, interlayer distance also plays a significant role in determining water permeance. We observed that Mg2+ ion intercalated and K+ ion intercalated GO membranes maintain an interlayer distance of around 13.6 Å and 11.4 Å, respectively. As a result, Mg2+ ion intercalated GO membranes exhibit superior water permeance than K+ ion intercalated GO membranes. We also observed a difference in the crude oil aggregate formation (a composition of alkanes, cycloalkanes, and aromatics) in the two systems (more stable aggregate in K+ ion intercalated GO membrane system as compared to Mg2+ ion intercalated GO membrane system) during the forward osmosis (FO) process. This can be attributed to weaker interactions of K+ ions with the crude oil and lower water permeance of K+ ion intercalated GO membranes than Mg2+ ion intercalated GO membranes. This aggregate formation is an important factor for crude oil rejection. Moreover, aromatics are more concentrated at the crude oil-water interface than other hydrocarbons. On the other hand, more cations inside the GO membrane layers results in better Na+ rejection but decreased Cl- rejection.


Energy and Environmental Sciences

  1. Moon, K. Anki Reddy, S. Pandian, K. S. Mayya and S. Han, Polyamide-POSS hybrid membranes for seawater desalination: effect of POSS on membrane properties, 2014, Journal of Membrane Science, 461 : 89-95.
  2. Shanthi Pandian, Anki Reddy, Jun Hyuk Moon, Subramanya Mayya Kolake and Sungsoo Han, Exploring the effect of additives on polyamide membrane surface for seawater desalination using density functional tools, 2015, Desalination, 367: 28-36.
  3. Ashim Malakar, Manishekhar Kumar, Anki Reddy, Himadree T. Biswal, Biman B. Mandal andG. Krishnamoorthy, Aggregation induced enhanced emission of 2-(2’-hydroxyphenyl)benzimidazole, 2016,Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences, 15 : 937-948.
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Computational Biophysics


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Fluid Dynamics and Suspensions


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Granular Physics


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