Energy and Environment

The research in this area focuses on technologies to minimize the effect of energy generation and consumption of energy on the environment in a sustainable way along with the removal of toxic chemicals/pollutants from the environment. It includes development of alternate fuels and sources of energy (fuel cells, hydrogen etc.), hydrogen storage materials, renewable energy sources (biofuels, solar power etc.). The research also addresses novel photovoltaics, materials and technologies for capture and conversion of carbon dioxide to valuable products, materials for efficient energy storage systems such as supercapacitors, and use of artificial intelligence in development of smart grids etc. The research interests of the department in this thrust area are given below.

Current Expertise:
  • Development of nanomaterials for energy related applications
  • Biofuel processing technology
  • Materials and technologies for carbon capture
  • Water and effluent treatment technology

Future Focus:

  • AI for energy storage
  • Carbon dioxide capture and valorization
  • Photovoltaics, super capacitors, and energy storage systems
  • Process Intensification and energy conservation in chemical industry

Research Group:

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